Decluttering is true liberation!

My office is in a detached garage. It's huge. But, like many huge places, it attracts stuff...junk...crap. So was my cozy little office...oh, I said it was huge, didn't I? My cozy office was a bit too cozy, with all the accumulated junk from our move to Texas in 1999, things my son left here between moves, all the stray pieces of paper containing notes for works in progress or ideas that hadn't yet been fully born. And, of course, books!

My beloved cousin Taylor visited me over the St. Patrick's Day weekend so we could attend EPICon-2012 in San Antonio. One of Taylor's favorite pasttimes is to pull out a box that's sat in obscurity, just hiding away. She says it's like Christmas! I hope she wasn't too disappointed by the stuff we found in my obscure boxes. The most interesting one was a box full of pantry items: Rice-a-Roni, cake mixes, white vinegar, coffee...I was really tempted to keep the coffee...but my husband thinks a pull date in 2005 is a bit dicey, even for coffee. Maybe I can still use the vinegar to clean my drains.

Once Taylor went home, I sat surrounded by an organized mess. Piles for Goodwill. Piles for trash. Piles for the recycle bin. Piles still to go through. This morning, Sunday, March 25, 2012, I pulled one box that still needed a look and went through it, sorted it, tossed most of it. Then I pulled another. And another. I actually threw out two...two... eBook readers. Didn't feel too bad about that, since they are both so old and one rattles when you shake it. Don't think it's supposed to do that. I took the Goodwill stuff to my car to deliver to the donation center tomorrow. I took out all the trash. I moved things around and even bought two bookcases which I put together myself!

This stuff sat for years at the back of my office. I convinced myself that I didn't really notice it, that it didn't really bother me. But now that it's gone, I can see that wasn't the case at all.

Now I look around me and see the best thing about the process of decluttering. With every pile I toted to the trash and recycle cans, I felt lighter. Less encumbered by stuff. I honestly feel liberated. That stuff, though I would have sworn that I didn't even see it, weighed on me.

"I have to clean that up someday..." The piles of stuff were a hindrance. Now it's all gone. And I think I have to get back to work!

True liberation.