Looking for a novel writing software that is affordable and easy-to-use? Anne has a recommendation.

For years, I've looked for the system, that piece of software, plotting program, or philosophy, that would help me to write faster and better. After all, the one single thing that boosts your sales is a big back list. Most of the writing software I've found have been tailored for scriptwriting. And they were expensive, like hundreds of dollars for the top of the line version.

I recently became aware of another one, that's actually been around for a while, WriteWay (www.writewaypro.com). I was a little skeptical. After all, it wasn't expensive, only $49 for the full Pro version, so how powerful could it be? But there was a demo version with all the functionality of the Pro version, except for printing and exporting files (more on that later), so I figured I would try it.

Download and installation of the demo was easy and fast and I had it open in minutes.

This is where I give you my con on this software. It isn't totally intuitive, that is, I wasn't able to open it and start working immediately. I'm usually fast on the uptake, especially since all PC-compatible software looks pretty much like your normal Microsoft product. WriteWay comes with sample data and a tutorial to guide the new user through all the functions, from setting up a new book file to how to export to a regular document. If you go through the tutorial, you probably won't have any trouble.

Afte familiarizing myself with all the tabs and buttons--and there are lots--I imported my latest work-in-progress. It was quick and painless. I had to do some rearranging on the very handy structure tree that shows up on the left of the display. This tree shows you your whole book in scenes, chapters, and acts. Moving a scene or chapter from one place to another is not difficult.

There are lots of great features in WriteWayPro. The best is that your entire WIP is in one place, from initial ideas to research for a particular book to character descriptions to the actual draft of the book. The Pro version has a storyboard, which takes the information you enter and shows you graphically. The best single feature is the word count tracking. WriteWay will tell you how many words you've written during the day, and you can project your book. Tell WriteWay when you start, when you want to be finished, and it'll tell you how many words you need to do, and show you on a day-to-day basis how you're doing.

Needless to say, I purchased the Pro version for the ridiculously reasonable price of $49. The Standard Version isn't quite as powerful, so you can't import a WIP, there's no storyboard or research section, but at $24 it's a pretty good buy for just writing. Check out the features before you buy and I highly recommend downloading the demo and trying it out before you decide to buy.

WriteWayPro is the very best plotting and writing software I've ever investigated and the only one I've ever actually bought. I use it and recommend it highly!