Calliope here. And I'm lonely. Where the heck is Anne? She's got me locked in this dungeon that she calls an office...yuk-yuk. And I'm so bored I'm tempted to take up Sudoku.

To my sister muses out there! How do you get your writer to write? They didn't cover this one at the Muse Academy--or maybe I was playing hookey that day.

Here's my conundrum. Anne is currently distracted by other stuff, but she needs to write. There are so many stories I want to give her, but there isn't enough time in the day to get her to concentrate for even a moment. What to do? Sigh...

You know, Homer never had writer's block andhe wrote every day... and he was blind, for Zeus' sake! Ooops. Sorry, Dad.

But you know what I mean. How did Billy Crystal put it? A writer writes...always.

So if you have any hints on how I can get Anne writing again, please send them to me. My email is

And if you've got any spare Sudoku books lying around, I'll take those too!