After the drought, we got lots of rain...and lots of bugs!!!

Here in south Texas, we just came out of a multi-year drought. When the rains started in January, we cheered. It was great to see the Edwards Aquifer rise to the point that water restrictions were removed. But then...dah, dah, dah...that's sinister music there...

The bugs came. These aren't little bugs either. They are long-legged, ugly things that look like humongous mosquitoes. And there are millions of them...all in my backyard.

Now, I know everything's bigger in Texas, but this is ridiculous. We already have to deal with cucarachas the size of a dinner plate. Is it too much to hope that I could sit in my office and work without being dive-bombed? I swear these monsters know exactly what they're doing! They enjoy seeing me jump from my chair and spill my coffee all over.

I went to my second favorite store, The Home Depot. My very favorite is Office Depot. Some women buy shoes...I buy electronics. But that's another blog.

I got myself a bug zapper. Ah, the dulcet tones as it fries the insectoid interlopers.

Zap! There goes another one.